Hello, my name is Sammi. I have been working as a family photographer for 10 years, a job which I treasure and feel very lucky to do.

I’ve learned many times over that life is short and truly precious. My family and husband mean the world to me, actually universe would be a better comparison.  

The last two years have been a beautiful whirlwind for me personally. In October 2017 I got engaged to my ‘one’ Oliver, on the stunning Amalfi coast, Italy. Then in September last year (2018) I married him surrounded by close friends, family, alpacas and chickens while a barber shop quartet delivered soulful sounds all next to a beautiful lake in Ely Cambridgeshire. I’m not sure we or our guests will forget our wedding in a hurry. 

Oliver, by the way, is a hugely talented portrait artist but most importantly for me is a man who makes my cheeks hurt from smiling and who, when I’m down, can give cuddles that make all the bad things just melt away.

Myself and my photography in a nutshell...

When I pick up my camera and look through the lens I’m searching for ingredients that work together to showcase, with a touch of art and fun the essence of who you are together as a family and individually.

I get nervous before meeting all my clients (yes you!) mostly because your excitement, happiness and seal of approval are what motivates me most. This is why no matter if I'm shooting a tiny newborn or a multigenerational family shoot I strive to create fabulously beautiful photos that will make YOU smile from ear to ear.

My Story and me

We all have a story and I’m no exception. Mine I am told is a bit of a page turner and certainly too much to write about here but if you are interested you can read about here

A bit of self indulgence: the fun stuff and things I love....

Cups of tea, my family and friends, evening cuddles with my hubby and dog, feeling well, travel (little and often), trying new cereal, Home and Away (my guilty pleasure), looking up at the stars, the photos my dad took of us as children, autumn light, garibaldi biscuits, Chilean Merlot, making my nieces giggle (God I love those girls to pieces), smelling the top of my dog’s head, European film and dramas, horror movies, ice cream (especially peanut butter ice-cream), Lindt chocolate eggs.